Organic Healing Basket $20

"Pamper Me" Basket $30

Spa Basket $35

Dead Sea Bath Basket $25

Holiday Gift Basket Specials

​​ Holiday Gift Baskets

​Spa Basket includes a Salt Scrub, Daily Moisturizer, Facial Cleanser and Scrub, and Lip Balm. $35

"Pamper Me" Basket includes Body Butter, Healing Balm, Intense Skin Therapy, and Lip Balm. $30

Dead Sea Bath Basketincludes Dead Sea Bath Salts and Salt Scrub. $25

Organic Healing Basket includes Intense Skin Therapy, Healing Balm, and 2 Lip Balms. $20

Custom Baskets Available Upon Request

Call or text Keli at 443.956.0327 

Individual baskets may vary.