About Keli

I am an elementary school teacher, a mother, a gardener and herbalist.  I have a passion for plants, specifically herbs. I love eating them, growing them, drinking them, and learning about them.  My love for herbs began over twenty-five years ago when I visited my first herb shop in Catonsville, Maryland, God's Good Earth. As a young woman,  I was in search of better health. I suffered from cystic acne, PMS, frequent headaches, painful periods, and lack of energy. I had dry, sensitive skin, along with seasonal allergies. All this plus it was normal for me to have four or five colds every year and the flu once or twice. I don't think that I thought, at the time, that I was suffering. I thought the way that I felt was normal. I thought that eating a meal and feeling exhausted afterwards was normal. As I began researching vegetarianism, I decided to change my diet. Changing my diet changed my life! 

In my twenties, I avidly read every book I could find on herbs.  I learned about the important role herbs can have in providing nutrition and helping to bring our bodies into a state of wellness and wholeness.  Some of herbalists and healers who influenced me the most over the years are Diane Stein, Susun Weed, Rosemary Gladstar, Jeannine Parvati Baker, and Tiereona Low-Dog.   A few years ago, I became a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), taking courses in natural healing,  including an herbal course with Philip Fritchey. I regularly attend the annual Mid-Atlantic Herb Conference in Pennsylvania and, in 2016, attended a workshop with Susun Weed at her home in Woodstock, New York.  However, I am predominantly and proudly a self-taught herbalist. I continue to this day to be amazed by their beauty and perfection, and to learn from the plants themselves how to heal my body. I no longer depend on man-made medicine which are designed merely to suppress symptoms and can have dangerous side-effects.  Learning to heal myself has given me a great sense of empowerment over my own health and well being...plus has saved my a lot of money! 

Today I am much healthier than I was thirty years ago. I eat for energy and rarely get sick. And nothing brings me more pleasure than visiting my beautiful, golden calendula flowers, each morning or my towering comfrey plants. Through the years, I experimented with making my own skin products for myself and my family.  It was a fun and rewarding hobby. My husband, the entrepreneur, loved using the salves and balms that I was making for our family so much that he decided we should start a business.  My hope for Maya Herbals to use it as a platform to help educate people about the power of using herbs and plants as medicine, to empower others to be proactive with their health and to create healthy, and to support skin care products that people feel safe using.  I believe, the earth has given all that we need to live healthy, whole lives. 

My father always told me growing up, "If you have your health, you have everything." And he was right!

Green Blessings,



100% ALL Natural, Hand-Crafted
No Synthetic Ingredients
No Artificial Fragrances

No Animal Products*
No Parabens 

No GMO's 

  *  Beeswax and honey from a local beekeeper are used in some salves and balms

Maya Herbals cares about your skin! We believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. That is why our products never contain synthetic ingredients or preservatives.  If we can't eat it, we don’t want it on our skin! Okay, we might not want to eat raw cocoa butter but it is all natural and we could.  We put a lot of love into our skin care products. They are prepared in small batches by hand and every ingredient in our skin care products is carefully selected for its unique medicinal properties. What makes Maya Herbals special is the care we take when infusing our oils. We begin with organic extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil. The oil is infused with organically grown fresh herbs using a cold method to preserve the healing properties of the herbs. Each batch of oil infuses for six weeks in order to extract the maximum healing benefits of the plant. Then, the oil is then double filtered and stored in sterilized jars. This oil becomes the base for many of our body care products, each one specifically designed and crafted to nurture and heal your skin. We hope that you will enjoy the natural healing wonders from the gifts that Mother Earth gives to us and try Maya Herbals!